The CSGO Advantage Tool - Your CSGO Hack for Mac

A CSGO multitool for Mac gamers for the ultimate competitive edge. First of its kind for Mac OS X, more advanced than ever before!
Top features include: health based & penetrating enemy ESP, trigger bot, bunny hop, and reduced flash.

Getting Your Membership

The following table highlights the top features included in the advantage tool for CSGO, as well as the other benefits of a membership with Mac Game Hacks. We currently offer two types of membership - hover your mouse over individual items to find out more.

You have complete control over which features you wish to have enabled or disabled. This can be changed any time while the game is running, either using the buttons within the tool, or while playing the game using preset hotkeys.

As of version 2.2.23 of the CSGO Advantage Tool, the features of our CSGO Hack for Mac can be customized to your preference. For the TriggerBot, we've grouped weapons into types, each of which can be configured for a tailored fire-style. Read more about it here: TriggerBot Settings in our CSGO Hack for Mac. By request, we're exposing even more settings with each update. If there's anything you want, that we don't already have, contact us!

All changes made by the tool are temporary. If you quit the tool and relaunch the game without the tool running, it'll behave as it did before the tool was used.

1 Month Subscription
Bunny Hop
Enemy ESP
Health-based ESP
Penetrating ESP
Trigger Bot
Beta invitations
Automatic renewals
Reliable email support
You are less than 10 minutes away from receiving your own copy of The Advantage Tool!
Price £4.99
(£3.99 with Crypto payment)
(£6.99 first month)

Questions or concerns? We're here for you. Contact us at any time.

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    Feedback from some of our customers so far:

    “I would rate you a 5 / 5 stars for customer service, because you reply very quickly.„
    - Anonymous, 2014

    “The other team will call me a hacker just cause i look like a hard core *****. My team mates say im just good as **** - never missing an awp shot like 4/5 is a hit!„
    - Anonymous, 2017

    “Pistols are fun with the trigger bot cause if you fire then the trigger bot does or other way around double shot to the head„
    - Anonymous, 2017

    “this customer service is amazing and cheat is really worth the money„
    - Anthony, 2017

    “bro nice help !!! love your support„
    - Nima, 2017

    “I finally managed to get it thank you so much lots of fun! And simple to use„
    - Austin, 2017

    “I can't believe how quickly you guys are to update the hack, only about an hour to be back up and running, nobody suspects a thing from me love the advantage tool for cs go„
    - Ozzy, 2017

    “you guys are awesome„
    - Rene, 2017

    “Thank you! Everything is working awesome. Amazing customer support by the way„
    - Christian, 2017

    Want to see your feedback here? Email us your thoughts after you've played with our tools!

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    The Advantage Tool - CSGO is a CSGO hack designed for Mac only. It's easy to use and easy to set up, with automatic game detection and calibration.


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