The CSGO Advantage Tool - Your CSGO Hack for Mac

A CSGO multitool for Mac gamers for the ultimate competitive edge. First of its kind for Mac OS X, more advanced than ever before!
Top features include: health based & penetrating enemy ESP, trigger bot, bunny hop, and reduced flash.


We proudly present the features of our advantage tool for Counter Strike Global Offensive - the competitive edge is yours, with the ultimate CSGO Hack for Mac!

Enemy ESP
Be the watchful eye...

The ESP from our CSGO Hack for Mac highlights enemies in-game

Our health-based ESP highlights enemies with a glow effect, scaling from bright green to a dark red.

Penetrating ESP
See them first...

Enemies will also be shown through walls, when the ESP in our CSGO Hack for Mac is enabled

When possible, the ESP highlights enemies through walls and other obstacles.

No more surprises, see them before they see you!

Health-based ESP
Know their weaknesses...

The enemy-based ESP changes color depending on enemy health, part of our CSGO Hack for Mac

The glow feature changes color based on enemy health. Knowing which targets are weakest can give you the edge you need in an otherwise unfair gunfight.

Sharpen your relfexes...

Our CSGO Hack for Mac contains a TriggerBot, which fires faster thank you can blink.

No more missed headshots, prepare for the ultimate thrill.

High-speed enemy detection in your cross-hair can give you professional-level reflexes, as the tool fires your weapon faster than you can blink!

This feature can be customized, giving you complete control over detection speed, reaction speed, and fire-rate.

Bunny Hop
Give your spacebar a rest...


Hold space to bounce, then bounce your way to victory! There's truly no limitation to your bounce, just keep that thumb down.

Reduced flash
Better than squinting...


Flash grenades are a powerful way to turn the tide in a losing round, don't get caught out.

The tool can reduce the effect that flash grenades have on you. You'll see flash grenades when they're triggered, but you won't be blinded anymore...don't give them that advantage!

This feature can be customized, giving you complete control over the strength of the reduced-flash.

Automatic Calibration
Just launch the game as normal...


Our game detection API is fully automated, just launch both the tool and CSGO, and you're ready to go! Our servers handle the heavy math, while the tool automatically calibrates to your game in just a few seconds after launch.

Intuitive GUI
Built with simplicity in mind


With a clean and simple interface, full feature control is yours. Set what you need as you need it and play at your best.

In-game Hotkeys
Keep your head in the game


All features can be toggled in-game using predefined keyboard shortcuts. Intuitive controls let you toggle features as you need them, without ever leaving the game.


The Advantage Tool - CSGO is a CSGO hack designed for Mac only. It's easy to use and easy to set up, with automatic game detection and calibration.


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