The CSGO Advantage Tool - Your CSGO Hack for Mac

A CSGO multitool for Mac gamers for the ultimate competitive edge. First of its kind for Mac OS X, more advanced than ever before!
Top features include: health based & penetrating enemy ESP, trigger bot, bunny hop, and reduced flash.

About The Tool

First released in 2011, The Advantage Tool is a dynamic and self-configuring multi-tool made for Mac OS X players of the popular multiplayer game Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Although there are hundreds of these "game hacks" around, none of them are usable on Mac OS X. This is the first of its kind for Mac OS X!

Our first tool was released for Call of Duty 4, while CSGO is the second game we have expanded our APIs into. We actively maintain and develop our products, with your support, to ensure continuous improvement of the tool. Today's advantage tool is a clear result of our commitment to bringing you the best:

A clean yet advanced CSGO Hack for Mac, designed to be highly intuitive.

The tool itself is compatible with the latest versions of CSGO for Mac. This is the first screen shown when the tool is launched.

No previous computer know-how is required to use The Advantage Tool. It detects the game automatically, recognizes the game version and configures itself. The whole calibration process is completely automated, just launch the game as you would normally whenever you're ready.

The CSGO Hack automatically calibrates once the game launches.

Once calibration completes, you'll have immediate access to all features available in the tool. The interface is designed with simplicity in mind. Features are clearly presented and easy to control. Each feature has a helper button for a more detailed explanation of the feature.

Our newest tool is clearer, easier to understand and easier to control. Preset your preferred features from the interface, or toggle them while playing without leaving your game, using predefined hotkeys:

The help feature in our CSGO Hack for Mac.

In our customization update, we've exposed a ton of settings for all of our CSGO Hack's features. The Advantage Tool is designed to be efficient by using minimal amounts of system resources, preventing it from slowing down your gameplay, but you also have full access to a ton of settings to further tune both performance and functionality - for example the triggerbot:

The settings exposed in the triggerbot functionality for our CSGO Hack. Some of the numerous customizable settings.

For a detailed list of features click here. We actively support our customers should they have any questions or concerns. If you have a question, contact us.


Mac Game Hacks

Find out more about us, our business, our history and our full offering at

System Requirements

  • • Mac OS X Lion or later (10.7+)
  • • Latest Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • • Admin Authentication for Game Access
    => Click here to see why
  • • Disk space (<8 MB)

If your computer meets all these requirements you won't experience any issues with running and using The Advantage Tool. If something does go wrong, we're here to help you.

We offer limited 2-day trials of our work on a per-user basis. If you have any concerns and would like to try out our work, contact us with your concerns to see if you qualify for a free 2-day trial.

In order for the tool to access the game, the tool requires elevated privileges to be granted by the user. This is a requirement set by the operating system, without which the tool cannot function. These privileges allow the tool to access other processes running on your machine (Counter Strike Global Offensive only, in this case)
In order to gain these privileges, the tool makes use of a Mac OS X foundation API named the "Authorization Service" (click for technical information).

For security reasons the tool will never remember your authentication details. As a consequence, the tool will ask you for privileges when it is launched.

Have any questions or concerns? Contact us, we're happy to help!


Feedback from some of our customers so far:

“I would rate you a 5 / 5 stars for customer service, because you reply very quickly.„
- Anonymous, 2014

“The other team will call me a hacker just cause i look like a hard core *****. My team mates say im just good as **** - never missing an awp shot like 4/5 is a hit!„
- Anonymous, 2017

“Pistols are fun with the trigger bot cause if you fire then the trigger bot does or other way around double shot to the head„
- Anonymous, 2017

“this customer service is amazing and cheat is really worth the money„
- Anthony, 2017

“bro nice help !!! love your support„
- Nima, 2017

Want to see your feedback here? Email us your thoughts after you've played with our tools!

Automatic Calibration
Easy setup, ready to use


The tool setup is completely automated. As soon as it's downloaded, it's ready to go. Just launch both the tool and the game, and as soon as the game finishes launching the tool will calibrate itself automatically.

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Simple Interface
Clean interface with intuitive controls


Our newest tool is cleaner, simpler, and easier to understand. All features and their states are clearly presented in the "Summary" tab, while advanced options are nested in individual feature tabs.

Each option has a help popout that displays additional details, for maximum clarity.

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Hotkey binding
Full control without leaving the game


All features have a preset hotkey binding, allowing you full control over which features are active without ever leaving the game.

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The Advantage Tool - CSGO is a CSGO hack designed for Mac only. It's easy to use and easy to set up, with automatic game detection and calibration.


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