The CSGO Advantage Tool - Your CSGO Hack for Mac

A CSGO multitool for Mac gamers for the ultimate competitive edge. First of its kind for Mac OS X, more advanced than ever before!
Top features include: health based & penetrating enemy ESP, trigger bot, bunny hop, and reduced flash.

First of its Kind
Never before thought possible on macs.

First CSGO Hack for Mac

Mac CSGO players have been ignored whilst Windows and even Linux users have had hundreds of cheats and tools available to them.

Until now. Now it's your turn, with the first CSGO Multi-Hack for Mac, and even other Mac-only hacks for other games!

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Made for Mac OS X 10.7+
A backwards compatible CSGO Hack for Mac

This CSGO hack is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and newer

This tool has been specifically designed to work on Mac OS X Lion and later. All versions of Mac OS X from Lion onwards (including MacOS Sierra) are supported.

Since 2011 we've worked hard to create, improve and maintain our APIs. This has lead to the dynamic Advantage Tool framework our hacks are built on today.

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Cutting-edge features
The CSGO hack to give you the edge you deserve!

This CSGO hack for Mac contains a wallhack-style ESP

This CSGO hack is packed with cutting-edge features. From health-based enemy highlighting, to a professional level trigger bot. Gain sharpened reflexes, shoot like a pro!

This isn't even everything! Follow the link for a more detailed overview of the features included with The Advantage Tool for CSGO...

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The Advantage Tool - CSGO is a CSGO hack designed for Mac only. It's easy to use and easy to set up, with automatic game detection and calibration.


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